A motorized scooter or moped has a straight frame and a hand-carrying platform for the feet. Scooters evolved from at least fourteen hundred motorcycles to at least fifteen hundred in worldwide sales during the twentieth century. Scooters were first made in Japan in the late nineteenth century, but it wasContinue Reading

A truck or lorry is generally a large motor vehicle intended to transport goods. Trucks range widely in size, power, and general configuration. Smaller types can be mechanically very similar to some sedans. Larger trucks are generally large, full-sized vehicles with a cab long enough to hold at least fiveContinue Reading

A truck or rickety trailer is usually a sturdy motor vehicle designed primarily to transport heavy cargo overland. Trucks range greatly in size, strength, and configuration. Smaller types can be quite mechanically similar to small cars. In fact, many trucks are so similar to small cars that they can beContinue Reading

A truck or lorry is an essential motor vehicle designed to safely transport heavy loads. Trucks range greatly in size, horsepower, and configuration. Some trucks are so small that they can be folded up like a suitcase. Other larger types can mechanically resemble some cars. The largest variety of trucksContinue Reading