Car Insurance For Seniors – How to Get the Best Rates

Demonstrating that you are an excellent driver as you age is one way to keep rates affordable, as is agreeing to have your driving habits tracked through Progressive’s Snapshot program.

State Farm and Geico are among WalletHub editors’ top choices for car insurance for seniors, providing competitive rates with flexible coverage options and great customer service.


Aiming for lower auto insurance premiums requires shopping around and collecting multiple quotes. Seniors can save by bundling policies together, raising deductibles, or eliminating coverage they don’t require.

Even though insurers view senior drivers as high risk, many provide them with discounts to keep their rates competitive – including mature driver discounts, good driving discounts and accident forgiveness programs.

Some providers provide senior drivers with discounts of 5%-15% for taking defensive driving courses, which may reduce their insurance rates by 5- 15%. Mature driver programs are offered through AARP and other organizations, and are mandated in most states.

GEICO provides discounts to drivers 55 and older who complete a Department of Motor Vehicles-approved course, as well as loyalty discounts, retirement, government, and military discounts. USAA also offers senior discounts but their policies are reserved exclusively for active and retired military members.


Providers specializing in auto insurance for senior drivers offer various coverage options tailored to the unique needs of each driver, such as liability coverage, collision coverage and comprehensive protection.

Some insurance providers go further by providing seniors with special programs designed to save them money on premiums. Geico provides discounts to mature drivers who take driving courses; The Hartford collaborates with AARP on an auto insurance program tailored specifically for senior drivers.

Other ways to reduce premiums include taking a defensive-driving class or being accident-free for a specified amount of time, as well as regularly comparing quotes as rates may differ based on location and age group – for instance, as drivers age 65 their rates tend to increase, while younger drivers pay more. It may be worth switching providers if their premium increases significantly –


Affordable car insurance options exist for seniors, such as shopping around, bundling policies and raising the deductible. You might also consider roadside assistance plans provided by organizations like AARP as additional ways of supplementing their auto coverage.

Senior drivers typically enjoy lower car insurance rates than younger drivers; however, they also tend to experience more accidents due to age-related vision or hearing changes, slower reflexes, medications that impair driving abilities, etc. Therefore, some insurers increase car insurance premiums for drivers over 70.

USAA provides attractive premium pricing and coverage options tailored to seniors, while their customer service has earned top rankings from multiple J.D. Power surveys. Other insurers that can provide affordable car insurance policies for seniors include AARP’s program, The Hartford, Travelers and Nationwide’s SmartMiles program – providing pay-per-mile rates that reward safe driving while potentially helping lower monthly rates by selecting vehicles with easier repair/maintenance costs.

Customer service

Customer service should always come first when purchasing car insurance for seniors, and shopping around to find the most cost-effective policies can only increase this effect. To make sure they find their ideal plan quickly and affordably.

Senior drivers can take advantage of traditional discounts and special perks to achieve lower car insurance rates, including policy bundling, taking driver improvement courses, and paying their annual premium in full.

State Farm stands out as an attractive choice for senior drivers due to its affordable premiums and extensive discounts, plus its optional extras such as roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement.

USAA provides competitive premiums and an extensive range of discounts that may appeal to senior drivers, though this particular company only serves active duty military members and their families.

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