Automotive Packaging Equipment

If you are in the business of delivering cars or automotive parts, you will probably want to invest in high quality Automotive Packaging Equipment. This equipment will not only protect your product during shipping, but will also help you reduce labor contact with parts and components. These components and parts often undergo a lot of handling and varying temperatures, making this type of packaging equipment essential for safe transport. Luckily, there are a few different options for your packaging needs.

If you are looking for reusable, custom dunnage solutions, you might want to consider Hinkle, a pioneer in the industry. Hinkle is an automotive packaging equipment provider that has been in business for more than 50 years. Located in Ohio, the company has expanded its capabilities through acquisitions and internal growth. It recently acquired Hinkle Manufacturing in Perrysburg, Ohio, and Response Packaging in Piedmont, South Carolina. All of these companies are leaders in their field, and they can help you protect your products during shipping.

In addition to rigid packaging, automotive suppliers may also want to consider a custom-made solution for their shipping needs. While traditional North American suppliers dominated the automotive packaging market for many years, regional differences in automotive supply chains are playing a large role in packaging selection. Third-party pooling solutions, such as CHEP, have become popular in Europe, and CHEP holds a majority of the market. For these reasons, Hughes Enterprises offers a range of solutions for automotive shipping and packaging centers.

The DE-Tech packaging solutions are a great choice for the production of auto parts. From simple hand loading systems to automated systems, the company can customize any solution to suit the needs of its customers. The systems include labeling capabilities ranging from simple on-demand barcode printers to automatic in line label applicators. By combining different types of equipment, a company can choose the most productive and cost-effective systems for its needs.

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