Chinese Automobile Industry to the World’s Top

Auto Parts and Accessories are the basic need of every vehicle running on roads. This is why most of the vehicles running around are equipped with auto parts. However, there are plenty of auto parts and accessories in the market that can be very costly. These parts may be made from some very good material but most of them tend to be highly priced. To help you get these auto parts at affordable price, here is a list of top 5 commonly used car parts:

The auto parts industry has an array of companies and organizations like automotive producers, suppliers of spare parts and accessories, service providers, automotive research and development facilities, banks, motor traders, power producers, and motor mechanics/mechanic suppliers. In United States, there are a number of emerging economies like those of India, Mexico and Brazil. These emerging economies are likely to see tremendous growth in coming years. Therefore, these parts manufacturers can expect substantial business expansion as more automotive products will be produced in these growing economies. Some of these auto parts manufacturing plants are located in the U.S., South Korea and Japan.

Automotive product suppliers in the United States are expected to grow at a rate of approximately three percent during the next five years. Most of the automotive suppliers have their workshops in the United States and they employ hundreds of professionals. However, the suppliers of auto parts and accessories in the twenty-first century are much smaller in size. As the cost of raw materials is falling, these companies can afford to build fewer units and also save on manpower expenses.

For the last many years, Robert Bosch has been the leading manufacturer of vacuum tubes, precision bearings, heat exchangers, o-rings, sealing systems, and other automotive industry parts. Earlier, Robert Bosch Company manufactured and marketed some of the finest vacuum tube brands in the world such as Oreck, Polar Flow, Whirlpool, centrifugal pump, HID, and more. In addition, Bosch was also the largest producer of precision bearings. In recent years, Whirlpool has acquired a major share in this business by purchasing Bosch.

As we can see, the automotive industry in the U.S. and globally is governed by a very complicated set of rules and regulations. Therefore, international trade in automotive industry is closely related to the rules and regulations of the United States. Recently, the Japanese government has presented a set of guidelines for international carmakers to follow to enter into the Chinese market. According to the new policy of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, foreign automobile companies have to first register in China before they can export cars to China.

The new policy of the Ministry of Transport is highly restrictive and strict regarding vehicle steering equipment. It requires all foreign vehicle steering components to meet approved safety standards before being exported to China. This makes it very difficult for Japanese automotive companies to sell any auto parts to Chinese consumers. However, if we talk about the automotive industry in the twenty-first century, Chinese consumers will definitely have the car of their choice if they can get hold of the right Chinese manufacturer.

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