Which Cruiser Motorcycle is Best For You?

With such a variety of cruiser bikes available today, it can be hard to narrow down which one would best fit you. From powerful cruisers to affordable models with reliable performance – we have you covered.

Harley-Davidson motorcycles lead the pack with their pedigree large V-twin cruisers, but there are numerous alternatives from Ducati’s 1260 Bobber to Honda Shadow that offer something special.

1. Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883

Since 1957, Harley’s Sportster has been their entry-level bike. Still available and popular worldwide, it boasts a small engine which makes for great urban cruising but may prove cumbersome over longer rides.

It has a badass look and has found an audience with its stripped-back aesthetic, drawing attention due to its minimal chrome use on only certain parts such as its cylinder heads, exhaust pipe and front fork tubes. Meanwhile, most other components – from its peanut tank and dual straight cut shorty exhausts to drag style bars and drag style bars – feature sinister black finishes, creating an effortless rider experience. Furthermore, this motorcycle offers a comfortable riding position.

2. Indian Scout Sixty

Indian’s Sixty model offers an economical yet simple ride, taking inspiration from its popular Scout Bobber model. While engine size and horsepower have been reduced for ease of approachability and affordability, its 1133cc liquid-cooled V-twin still exceeds cruiser class standards in smoothness and sophistication.

It has an infectious desire to rev, eagerly throbbing at tickover and racing through its upper midrange; an appealing alternative to most cruiser engines on the market that don’t make quite so much noise or energy available for acceleration. That makes the Sixty an engaging ride even though it packs only 78 horsepower and 88 lb-ft of torque.

The Sixty is also an ideal commuter bike, capable of easily lane splitting and cruising highways (though its stock seat may become uncomfortable over long stretches). A great value, the Scout Sixty offers a wonderful opportunity to discover classic cruisers from one of America’s oldest motorcycle firms.

3. Ducati 1260 Bobber

Triumph may have recently focused on their roadster and Tiger adventure bikes, but their Bonneville Bobber remains their junior cruiser model. Boasting post-WWI2 styling with an inviting powertrain that delivers outstanding handling capabilities.

Ducati has made it their practice to release “S” models of their premium motorcycles with upgraded brakes and suspension. In 2021, Ducati did just this with their Diavel 1260 S classic cruiser designed to go fast! Equipped with grand touring ergonomics and the Ducati suite of rider aids, it stands out as something unique on the road.

4. Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber

The Bobber is a relaxed, unintimidating, and user-friendly take on classic roadster and cruiser combo. Featuring an ergonomic bench seat with grippiness for grippier rides. Surprisingly user friendly for such an aggressive bike.

The V9’s 65 peak horsepower engine is truly captivating, offering excellent torque response and featuring key structural reinforcements for increased stability and riding precision.

A head-turning twin-tone black colour scheme with silver highlights on its metal teardrop fuel tank and aluminum side panels make this vehicle truly distinctive, yet its fuel economy averages 50 miles per gallon making for an enjoyable nostalgia-fueled drive.

5. BMW R18

The BMW R18 is an extraordinary ride, boasting the largest and most powerful Big Boxer engine on the market with classic styling and an amazing soundscape. Furthermore, this ride has smart features such as dynamic traction control, engine torque control and partial integral ABS for optimal control.

The R 18 is built to thrill from its initial start-up. Those big cylinders want to oscillate up and down, forcing you off balance while losing grip of the handlebars. But once it gets moving it feels fantastic in Rock mode: quick acceleration up to 200kph is easily reached; its design blends heritage influences with contemporary elements; you can customize its appearance using various accessories.

6. Yamaha V-Star 250

The Yamaha V-Star is an outstanding way to enter the cruiser motorcycle scene at an extremely cost-effective price point. One of its many highlights includes outstanding performance at an outstandingly reasonable cost point.

Also referred to as the XVS250 and DragStar 250, this lightweight entry-level machine is an excellent option for beginning riders. Offering excellent ergonomics such as low seat and pulled back handlebar position and classic elements such as teardrop-shaped fuel tank, wire spoke wheels and two piece dual seat with two comfortable riding positions, the lightweight machine provides beginner riders an ideal first rider experience.

It features a 33 mm telescopic fork and 140 mm wheel travel for maximum suspension performance.

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